The next phase...

Poppy (Pink) was adopted a couple of weeks ago and joined a busy, loving family.  She is getting along wonderfully with her new big brother, Jack (and a few cats in the mix!)

This litter was a beautiful group and a rewarding experience.  Next, we will focus on training, shows, and low key competitions.

Be sure to occasionally check in for the latest news and our next litter announcement in 2025 or 2026.

Congratulations to all of our new Ridgeback families!!

And then there was one...

This weekend Odin (Blue) left us for his new forever home.  We will miss him but are very happy to know that he will join a new big sister, Freya.  Odin will be very active running marathons, hiking, and ending some days with a long stroll on the National Mall.

Our last puppy, Pink, is in high demand so we anticipate that she will be leaving us in a couple of weeks.  Scarlett (Purple) and Pink make their own little puppy pile as best they can! 


First Puppies Leave for Their New Homes!!

Last weekend the puppies had their first visit to the vet!  They all did well and are in good health!!  Please see pics on Instagram for some cute shots of them in the truck and at the clinic.

Yesterday two puppies left for their new homes!!  Scout (Lilac) was our first to leave with her wonderful new family.  She will be the new little sister to a 3 year old Ridgeback.  The second puppy to leave was Cardi (White).  She will be the center of attention as the new 'baby' for her excited family!

Though the puppy pile was a bit smaller last night, we are so happy that their littermates found such great homes. 

Meet-Your-Puppy Day!

What a fun day we had meeting potential families!  The puppies put their best paw forward and won over many hearts.  We are thrilled that three puppies have found loving homes!  There are now just two puppies looking for their forever homes, Blue and Pink.  Keep watching for more videos to be posted soon!

Potty Training?!

Our little one pound pups have grown into ten pound bundles of fun!  The weaning process has gone very well and that means that JoJo is no longer interested in cleaning up their waste.  As expected, the puppies relieved themselves at will which meant continuous cleanup on my part.  We decided to set up a potty area and see what would happen.  What a smart litter of pups!  Surprisingly, they use this designated potty area 90% of the time.  That's pretty good for 5 week old puppies!!  Such a smart group!!

We are excited about meeting prospective families this upcoming weekend!!  Thank you to everyone for being patient to meet them in person.  This time has allowed each puppy to grow stronger and remain healthy.  They are ready to meet their new family and show off their unique personality!!